About Me

My name is Job Kimani, am a political science student at maseno university, Kenya (3rd year).
My philosophy is quasi nihilist, quasi absurdist although I do have socialist leanings, and I draw inspiration from philosophers such as Friedriche Nietzsche, Albert Camus, Jean Jacques Rousseau, Karl Marx and writers Ngugi wa Thiong'o, Chinua Achebe, Frantz Fanon and Binyavanga Wainaina. African leaders who have inspired me and my ideas are Julius Nyerere, Abdel Nasser and Nelson Mandela, while the likes of Woodrow Wilson, Mao tse Tung and Barack Obama have also shaped my thinking.
I believe that it is the sole right of every human being to choose the government that they want to rule over them, however ignorant, bigoted and uneducated these people may be, I do not agree with those who believe that our people need an all-knowing, all-powerful dictator so as to live in peace and prosperity. hence I see it as my responsibility to help eradicate the lack of knowledge among my people so as to help bring about change in the country I was born in and whose citizenship I hold. Hence I strongly believe that "the public cannot make bad decisions if it is educated and well-informed.
I think the Kenyan government should invest more in educating the masses and investing in human capital, and infrastructure and facilities that will promote business opportunities, prosperity and harmonious life between all Kenyans in all parts of the country.
am of the view that Kenya will continue on its slow and tortured progress to fighting impunity, corruption, tribalism and ignorance from its midst, maybe it will reach a tipping point when all it will take for us to view our leaders as our representatives as citizens and not as tribal chiefs, but maybe not, only time will tell.
I aim to use this blog to educate people on the politics, foreign policy issues and development concerns facing Kenya, east Africa in particular and Africa in general, using simple language and easily understandable terms.
In conclusion, the language I use in the blog is more of a professorial tone, solutions based and analytical with a very little emotional or ideological pull. I like a "dialectical" method in viewing my environment, hence the kind of feedback I would appreciate the most is that of questioning, constructive criticism and correction of the mistakes in thought in the posts that will lead to workable solutions to the problems I will raise.